Park Residence provides services that comfort the residents. It serves a continuous all day long security, maintenance, cleaning and gardening management. Those services are managed by a magnificent administrative team and special technical groups that include engineers and specialists who are always available at the project.


We thought of the smallest details to give you the ultimate relaxation as follows:

  • Solar Lighting System in facilities.
  • Sewage System with a water treatment unit.
  • Advanced Filtering System for well water.
  • Electricity Generators
  • Firefighting System
  • Audio – Visual Intercom System.
  • CCTV Controlling System.
  • Double glazed aluminium for sound and temperature insulation.
  • Plumping Features with high standards quality.
  • Luxurious fire resisting doors.
  • Preparing the infrastructure for the central air conditioning system (VRV).
  • Preparing the infrastructure for the central heating system.
  • Smart TV network with fiber net.
  •  Home Automation systems (upon request).
  • A service office ready to receive customer calls 24/7, and to work to meet requests as soon as possible.
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